The Consortium


In 1986, as part of regional operations for olive umbra, it was formed on Co.Re.Ol. (Regional Consortium Extra virgin olive oil typical Umbro).

The body consortium was designed from birth to promote and protect the name of Umbrian oil. It is a real harbinger of the Consortium where Co.Re.Ol. It was transformed after that in 1998 he was awarded the Designation of Origin (PDO) Umbria, first and perhaps only Italian oil designation of origin to cover an entire region.

The Consortium defines programs to improve product quality DOP Umbria in terms of health and hygiene safety, chemical, physical, organoleptic and nutritional product.

Through the sale of the numbered marks to be affixed to bottles and milk, the Consortium is able to control the product’s traceability.

The consortium also works with the Central Inspectorate quality control and fraud repression in the supervision, protection and preservation of the PDO Umbria from abuse, unfair competition, counterfeiting, misuse of the name, however, conduct prohibited by law.

The consortium also proposes any adjustment to the product specification of extra virgin olive oil DOP Umbria also in response to new needs regarding technological innovations, the image and consumption; It provides assistance and information on the legal, technical and scientific in order to affirm the quality and image of the oil for protection in Italy and abroad; directly promotes and participates in promotional activities in favor of PDO Umbria.

The goals it is intended to pursue were:

  • enhance the product quality food OIL PDO UMBRIA
  • inform consumers about product quality and added value resulting from the PDO
  • encourage initiatives to promote domestic brand OIL PDO UMBRIA
  • increase product knowledge OIL PDO Umbria.

The ties of the product with the territory, the remarkable health properties, sensory and organoleptic characteristics, the traceability of the product and process of ‘OIL PDO UMBRIA represented the strengths on which it was intended to set up information and promotion campaigns. The enhancement of the product represented, therefore, one of the tools to make conscious consumers on the high level of quality and justify the higher sales prices. The campaign can not be separated, then, from a diffusion depth of all intrinsic and extrinsic product OIL PDO Umbria.

It was decided to start with the ICQRF (Central Inspectorate for the Environment Quality and Fraud Repression of Foodstuffs) Territorial Office of Ancona See of Perugia, a process of collaboration aimed at deepening of the relevant legislation and the training of personnel who will allow to leave with a serious program of control from the year 2013.

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